Storage Services

Looking for storage facilities in Montgomeryville, PA?

If you find it necessary to have your possessions stored, we can provide this service. We operate our own private storage facility, which is secure, clean, and contemporary. We offer long and short-term as well as regular and climate-controlled storage.

On moving day, before your goods are loaded, an inventory of those goods will be completed. This inventory serves as a receipt that we have your possessions in our care. When your goods are loaded, they will first be blanket wrapped and then enveloped in stretch wrap for added protection.

When the truck arrives to our warehouse, your goods will be unloaded and placed in your vault(s). It is important to note that your possessions will remain wrapped as they left your residence.

Your monthly fee is based on the amount of vaults required to store your goods. Please call our office to discuss these rates or to set up an appointment to see our location.


We specialize in helping our clients solve their warehousing needs. Our conveniently located warehouse facilities have controlled environments with advanced sprinkler, fire prevention and security systems. We provide contract warehousing with rack storage including specialized racks for small item storage. We have material handling equipment for a wide variety of products and packaging services. We also provide truck services with an option for guaranteed delivery dates.

Storage FAQs

Where is your storage located?
We have two storage locations in Montgomeryville, PA and Hatfield, PA.

Are both locations climate-controlled?
All of our facilities offer climate-controlled and private storage.

Is your storage secure?
Yes. Our storage is secured.

How long can you store my belongings?
Jensen offers short and long term storage. We can hold your goods on the truck overnight or we can store your goods for decades to come.

Will you deliver to another storage facility?
We can deliver to any public storage to your liking.

How large are your units?
Your goods will be in stackable crates within our facility. Our crates measure 5 x 7 x 7.

Will I have access to my goods while in storage?
You may schedule an appointment to view your goods. A warehouse handling fee will apply.

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